Dangal Movie Review

CAST: Aamir Khan, Sakshi Tanwar, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Sanya Malhotra
DIRECTION: Nitesh Tiwari
GENRE: Biography
DURATION: 2 hours 41 minutes

After looking Sultan, I used to be repelled with any more Haryanwi fashion films going forward. I do not know if its lack of entertainment availability or have human beings completely lost their minds to enjoy the Sultan buffoonery. I saw the trailer for Dangal and decided I am not going to observe this film. simply closing week, I saw a 30 2d trailer wherein Mr. Aamir Khan’s individual has a dialogue with his office colleague even as watching a wrestling in shape. And that covered Mr. Aamir slamming a person two times his size at the ground with the ideal shape. I knew I had to watch this film and erase the poor mindset that was created because of Sultan the clown. Nonsense.

based totally on a real story, Mr. Aamir Khan has trained for eight-10 months for wrestling and went via a large transformation from being healthy to fat for 90% portion of the film and then trained for five months to head from fat to in shape to work on the initial part of the movie that is best for 5-7 mins in length. He really was given into the skin of the character.

the man needs no phrases to explain his dedication and ardor for movie making. however, this film isn’t always pretty much him. it’s also approximately his two daughters. they have got skilled for eight-10 months with wrestling their frame language is extraordinarily expert and their Dangal scenes will blow your mind! The training they’ve gone through for the wrestling and the manner the story has been shown will depart you speechless. Mr. Aamir Khan has positioned every person on this challenge thru hell, in spite of everything you do not create a masterpiece with the aid of rubbing your nose with your thumb at every example and pretending a fake American nasal accent.

Dangal is a masterpiece, there may be no question about it. The trailers provide away the tale, so there is not anything mysterious approximately it. what is incredible is the way it has been prepared. it’s miles a linear movie, no flashbacks (besides the initial component) and that they keep it very brief to get started with the challenge of wrestling. There are some scenes that will truly choke you, the phone call scene among father and daughter, no dialogue, just expressions and they apprehend every different’s tears over the cell phone, freaking exquisite! some other one is the wrestling scene between father and daughter. Mr. Aamir Khan’s expressions, frame language, impressive! the more youthful component performed via the ladies is notable and so are the actors gambling the grown-up portions. The bhatija man or woman is incredibly funny and best comedy timing. now not loud or obnoxious, simply ideal!

The movie is an enjoy and some jokers are evaluating it to Sultan. Please don’t be so over-clever, we know you noticed the common component Wrestling and simply to look over-smart, compare it to any other wrestling film. Please don’t display your intelligence by using making such ridiculous statements, please suppose earlier than you speak. The most effective commonality between Dangal and Sultan is the sports Wrestling. evaluating them to each different is like announcing every mooch Wala is Anil Kapoor. forestall searching out comparisons and store yourself a ton of embarrassment.

The film has brilliance wrote all over, wonderful, all coronary heart and unique. The undertones and sarcasm are minimum with humor associated without digressing into every other topic.

This one is definitely the high-quality sports activities film to come from India and could surely make it to the Oscars similar to Lagaan did years lower back. The sincerity with Dangal from every actor inside the movie brings the reveal into a whole new level. Mr. Aamir Khan has raised the bar, now not only for the Indian film industry but also for cinemas international.

This one is actually amongst Mr. Aamir Khan’s top 5 listing (Jo Jeeta Wo Sikander, Rangeela, Sarfarosh, Lagaan, Dangal). Mr. Aamir Khan releases a movie towards the end of the year and sweeps each different film off the ground, much like a wrestling flow, dhobi pachaad fashion. Do now not pass over this one!