The Fascist Killers – The Politics of Violence and Massacre


Recently I happened to see a news program along with my friend Sabu John about violence and terrorism in India in which few public figures – political and religious leaders were debating.

There were representatives of Indian National Congress, Communist Marxist Party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), An Islamic Scholar, A Christian priest and two non-political figures. All of them say that their ideologies and Holy books do not approve any violence. They were elaborating about their proud stance on peace and non-violence.

Listening to them I couldn’t help laughing aloud. I told myself that instead of boring programs in the name of “comedy” I should watch such “serious” discussions for non-stop laughing.

Sabu raised a hand with the gesture “what?”

“All those jokers follow Goebbels theory, “A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.”

“Why Uday? Aren’t they telling the fact? How can we blame the political ideologies or religious philosophies because few people turn bad and violent?”

“Yeah – this is a popular misconception – the theory is good but followers are bad…I don’t subscribe to this funny idea…What moral rights do they have to talk about peace and non-violence? You should go through the historical facts…”

“I have also studied history. In fact, if you remember, you were doing Physics when I opted in History as a subsidiary subject for my graduation,” Sabu snapped.

“Okay Sabu. The facts are sacred for you and me. First, let’s see who were the biggest killers in the history, as per authentic data” [Posting below is the list for your reference:

1. Mao Zedong – China (1949-76) Regime Communist Marxist – Victims 60 million
2. Joseph Stalin – Soviet Union (1929-53) Regime Communist Victims 40 million
3. Adolf Hitler – Germany (1933-45) Regime Nazi dictatorship Victims 30 million
4. Leopold II of Belgium (1886-1908) Regime Colonial Empire in Congo. Victims Eight million
5. Ismail Enver Pasha (1881 – 1922) – Turkey. Regime Military dictatorship -Victims Two million
6. Kim IL-sung (1912 – 1994) – North Korea – Regime Communist – Victims 1.6 million
7. Mengistu Haile Mariam Ethiopia – Regime Communist military dictatorship – Victims 1.5 million
8. Yakubu Gowon – Nigeria (1967-70) – Regime dictatorship – Victims One million
9. Jean Kambanda – Regime Tribal dictatorship (Hutu) – Victims 800,000
10. Saddam Hussein – Iraq – Regime Ba’ath Party dictatorship – Victims 600,000
11. Sukarno (Soekarno) – Indonesia – Regime Nationalist dictatorship – Victims 500,000
12. Mullah Mohammed Omar Mujahid- Regime Islamist dictatorship (Taliban) – Victims 400,000
13. Idi Amin – Uganda (1971-79) -Regime Personal dictatorship – Victims 500,000
14. Yahiya Khan – Pakistan – Victims 300,000 (Bengali Hindus in East Pakistan)
15. Benito Mussolini – Italy (1922-45) – Regime Fascist dictatorship – Victims 250,000]

“And those communists and religious leaders talk about peace and non-violence,” I said.

“I agree. The top two killers in the world were communists/Marxists. But how can we blame the whole party for it?”

“That’s the real catch. Why didn’t the party deplore them then? The left parties hero-worship them. You can see photographs of Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin garlanded and worshiped in each and every party office in India. That clearly shows that Marxists take pride in those killings. How can they talk about humanity, peace and non-violence then?”

“Hmmm… you have a valid point there. But we also know if you take country-wise political ideology, the capitalist United States of America was the biggest human killer for the last century till now,”Sabu said: “But religions are different. They at least converted the barbarians into god-fearing human beings.”

“What happened is the other way around. Gentle and peace loving human beings turned into barbarian life after inquisitions. The biggest killers in the history were religions, not political parties. Search for ‘The biggest holocaust in World History” that is whitewashed from history. The brutal invaders, from Mahmud Ghazni upto Mughal emperors killed 100 million innocent Indian Hindus within a time-span of 800 years! The conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000 AD was followed by the annihilation of the Hindu population – the region is still called the Hindu Kush, i.e. Hindu slaughter.”

Sabu said: “Yeah, I am not talking about Islam. Islamic jihads (holy wars) killed millions over 12 centuries. After forceful conversions, the splintering sects branded other Muslims as infidels and declared jihads against them. But Christian missionaries went around talking about love and peace…”

“That’s the biggest joke Sabu. Only we the Indians are capable of deluding ourselves into believing that Abrahamic Religions are peace-loving religions. Please go by facts. Compared to Christianity, I would say Islam is “better” in terms of brutalities – at least their cruelty was limited to areas from Morocco to South Asia. A section of Muslims are now deploring violent killing. But, on the other hand, Christianity is worshipping those brutal killers.”

“I am not aware about it…You know I am not fanatic. Just because I follow Christianity I don’t support all unholy things they do in the name of religion. What did Christian invaders do?”

“You said you have learnt history. Why did Christians ethnically genocide Red Indians, South American Aztecs and Australian Aborigines? You can’t even imagine the brutality of priests in North and South Africa, Sykes/Picot in the Middle East. Christian persecution of paganism under Theodosius I, forced conversions of pagan tribes in medieval Europe, the Inquisition, including its manifestations in Goa, Mexico, Portugal, and Spain, forced conversion of indigenous children in North American and Australia, and, since 1992, against Hindus in Northeast India.. The list is endless and you might need hundreds of volumes to write it down…”


“The dangerous thing is that Christianity had officially sanctioned and praised those murders. And the Papacy has gone to the extent of canonizing the brutal killers as Saints, built Churches for them and asked the followers to worship them as godmen! ‘Saint’ Francis Xavier – who brought the Inquisition to India – tortured and executed nearly 40,000 innocent Hindus. He was a mentally sick person went on records saying that he was ‘deriving pleasure’ from brutally torturing and killing innocent human beings in Goa. You made him as saint. Sir Thomas More, canonized in 1935, was vile murderer burned alive heretics and reformers. What about your Holy Crusades (1095-1291) itself? Until the fall of Akkon 1291 probably 20 million victims (in the Holy land and Arab/Turkish areas alone). Have you heard about Catholic extermination camps, Hitler would have committed suicide seeing such things…And shamelessly you worship them!”

“I agree with you – all religions and political ideologies encouraged violence and killing. But, tell me Uday, aren’t you bit soft on Hinduism?”

“I expected this question too. Do you think just because I follow Hinduism I would support all adharmic things done by a Hindu? I didn’t say Hindus are better than others. I go by facts and don’t take sides. Tell me, what’s the motive for a Hindu to kill a non-Hindu? You can’t convert, you don’t get money or you can’t get heaven,” I told him adding: “Yes, there are killing and massacre happened in the name of caste – but not in the name religion. Hindus are equally capable of doing atrocities. Our subject is not riot. Riots are sudden and provocative fight between two communities. Still, to balance our discussion, let’s take for instance the riots planned and executed by politicians in India. The October 1984 communal riots in Delhi in which 2733 Sikhs were killed by ruling party Congress, who were Hindus. So Hindus have also killed people – but it was not in the name of religion and nobody worship those killers.”

“Hmmm. At least in Kerala, our god’s own country, barring Marxist and RSS clash, such violence never happened.”

“What about Mappila Lahala (Moplah Rebellion) 1922 in Malabar, Kerala in which nearly 10,000 Hindus killed (and 1, 00,000 permanently migrated leaving their homes and land in Malabar). The congress and Marxist governments declared this as part of Indian Freedom Movement and announced pension scheme for the killers to appease Muslim voters…”

“What about RSS then?”

“Let’s go by facts, Sabu. Contrary to popular misconception, there is not even a single case of RSS murdering a Christian or Muslim in Kerala. It’s a fact that RSS had fought mostly with Marxist Party. The Party had believed that if they kill the swayam sevaks, RSS will be finished in Kerala. But RSS too resorted to violence to protect themselves- hence lot of killings happened. In fact RSS is indebted to Marxist Party for its growth in Kerala State…”

“Uday, I know you for last 35 years and you don’t have any sympathy or attachment to any organization, groups or political parties. Though I consider you as a real humanist, you are bit soft to Hindutva”

“That’s ridiculous! A person becomes fanatic when he doesn’t see the adharma of the party or religion he belongs to. Did I ever support any fraudsters or godmen or gurudom just because they carry a Hindu name? I have been creating awareness among public about fraudulent saffron swamis. Did I support any superstitions or wrong practices in this religion? Fanaticism is a mental sickness in which you won’t see the bad in things when you believe in.”

“I didn’t say that you are fanatic or fundamentalist. You have to follow your religion – so that way you may have developed a soft corner to it without awareness…” Sabu said.

“If I talk about our dharma and traditions (followed by your and my ancestors) that were based on humanity and inclusiveness seeing the entire world as single family, you accuse me of Hindutva supporter. But if I talk about alien ideologies and culture – which are inherently violent, inhuman, exclusive and separatist – you praise me as liberal and secular. I do not understand this logic Sabu. A person can change his/her religion or politics, but how can you change your father and mother?” I asked him.

Let’s think beyond politics and religion. Let’s be human first. Let’s follow our Dharma. Let’s try to create awareness among individuals. Any organized movement will result in chaos only. Because first, be at peace with yourself then only you can bring peace to the world.

In Ramayana, Rama killed Ravana and Lanka surrendered. Lakshman said: “Brother, let’s add Lanka to our Kosala Kingdom.” He won the war after so many years of sufferings and hard work. He could have easily done that. But Rama replied: “Our purpose was to regain Sita and fight against Ravan’s adharma. Lanka belongs to Lankans. So let Ravana’s brother Vibheshana be the King.” Rama made it clear that we shouldn’t be greedy and attack others or acquire their land. That’s India’s ancestry.

Human identity should be based on culture, tradition, ancestry and history – unfortunately people are surrendering their identity to others’ opinions (religion and politics)

India has not attacked any countries for the last 10,000 years, though the world history is either about the destination to India or about looting India. So, as an Indian you have the moral right and authority to talk about peace and non-violence, but not as a representative of any political ideologies or religions.

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