This Lady Should Be PM Of The UK – “We have the right to criticize Islam”

This brave woman is fighting for her right to freedom of speech. There is an attempt to restrict freedom of expression in the West by criminalizing criticism of Islam. In countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan it is called “blasphemy law”. Under the blasphemy law in the world Muslims Christians are persecuted for […]

Muslims are outraged as an Australian senator calls to adopt Denmark’s Burqa Ban

Cory Bernardi Praises Denmark’s Burqa Ban and calls to adopt the Burqa Ban in Australia “We do not want Islamic fundamentalism in this country”. In Muslim countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan The Islamic veil symbolizes oppression of women under Sharia laws. Netherlands, France, Belgium and other Western countries and even Arab countries […]

£93 million project modernises Royal Marines air defence capabilities

The £93m Future Air Defence Availability Project (F-ADAPT) programme, will be carried out under a contract awarded to Thales UK. The project will enhance the High Velocity and Lightweight Multi-role Missile systems which are designed to intercept a wide range of air and surface threats such as enemy drones, helicopters and armoured vehicles. The upgrades […]

Russia’s only aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov damaged after floating dry-dock sinks

The floating dry-dock where Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov was being upgraded has ‘sunk completely’, damaging the vessel and potentially killing workers according to Russian media. “The floating dock has already sunk completely,” a source told TASS. It was earlier reported that the floating dock sank partially. According to latest reports, four people were seriously injured […]

Tornado jets destroy Islamic State observation post in eastern Syria

On Monday the 15th of October, two Tornado GR4s were tasked with the destruction of a terrorist observation post which had been identified to the south-east of Hajin. A single Paveway IV guided bomb was released and this scored a direct hit on the observation post, destroying it. Operation Shader By September 2017, the Ministry […]

Watch: Elderly Swedish woman forced to stand up for a Muslim migrant on a bus

Aggressive immigrant forced an elderly Swedish woman to stand up and give him her bus seat. They do not respect the country that gives them shelter. This abuse should not be accepted. The Migrants should respect the people who work so hard to pay taxes so that they can enjoy their new life in Europe […]

Watch: This ad is triggering the hell out of muslims in Israel – “Islamophobia”

An Israeli supermodel was forced to remove an advertisement which provoked outrage among Muslims. The Advertisement mocked the Islamic veil that symbolizes oppression of women under Sharia laws in Iran. Iran has the worst human rights record in the world. Iran executes more people per year than China and Saudi Arabia. Women are stoned to […]