Pakistan: 40-year-old Muslim man starves 10-year-old girl after buying her from her Muslim father

This video was posted on Social Media with the following description:

I have never used this platform for any purpose like this before but this case is something me,my family and our neighbors are dealing with for the last 3 days.
These pictures and videos are of the girl who has been in my neighbors for the last few months with a family who have been physically and mentally abusing and torturing her.This girl has been with with this family for the last two years and going through hell.
According to the girl, the couple has been hitting her bat,belts,rods and different wires.They keep the girl hungry for days.They don’t let her sleep and if they find her sleeping she suffers again.They lock her when they have company at home and when they leave for their work daily.

On Wednesday the girl got lucky when she found the doors unlocked and escaped the very moment and came to us for help and told us what she has been going through.Since then the girl has been taken from that couple and kept safe.

The couple who have been doing this horrible things Dr.Mohsin Riaz and Major Ammara Riaz(Signals).And they are denying of everything they’ve done to the girl.
This is my humble request to all of you who see this to kindly share it so it reaches everyone and so that this girl can be helped in every possible way.
We all know how wrong child labor and abuse is.
This could have been either one of us so PLEASE spread the word so that this never happens to any other kid again and this little girl gets all the help.

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