This Lady Should Be PM Of The UK – “We have the right to criticize Islam”

This brave woman is fighting for her right to freedom of speech. There is an attempt to restrict freedom of expression in the West by criminalizing criticism of Islam. In countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan it is called “blasphemy law”. Under the blasphemy law in the world Muslims Christians are persecuted for […]

Muslims are outraged as an Australian senator calls to adopt Denmark’s Burqa Ban

Cory Bernardi Praises Denmark’s Burqa Ban and calls to adopt the Burqa Ban in Australia “We do not want Islamic fundamentalism in this country”. In Muslim countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan The Islamic veil symbolizes oppression of women under Sharia laws. Netherlands, France, Belgium and other Western countries and even Arab countries […]

Watch: Elderly Swedish woman forced to stand up for a Muslim migrant on a bus

Aggressive immigrant forced an elderly Swedish woman to stand up and give him her bus seat. They do not respect the country that gives them shelter. This abuse should not be accepted. The Migrants should respect the people who work so hard to pay taxes so that they can enjoy their new life in Europe […]

Watch: Palestinian teacher teaches muslim kids how to perform beheadings on their toys

The shocking documentation (attached below) which went viral on social media shows a teacher teaching young Muslim children how to behead their toys for the sake of Allah. While your kindergarten-aged children are learning their ABC’s and how to sing Old McDonald, theirs are learning how to perform beheadings. They learn howto perform “halal” slaughter. […]